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“Christina was a critical player in the implementation of the Auto Check Ready initiative. With her personal contribution, dedication this project was completed in time for the market launch… something that was not easy given the short turnaround time and significant risk and operational challenges.”
Consumer Lending Senior Vice President, National City Corp.

“I am sorry it was such a short run with National Home Equity (due to the market collapse).  In the short time it was obvious to me that your level of competence was very high and that you would have taken us to the next level. Hope to work with you again soon.” National Home Equity Senior Vice President, National City Corp.

“You did a PERFECT job writing the DeKadt executive summary. In past years this has been a project that I had to have a heavy hand in. But the way you've written it, I don't have to change a thing.” National Home Equity Executive Vice President, National City Corp.

Christina Thomas Testimonials “I have worked for National City for nine years. Your presentation I received today is th most well put together and professional presentation I have ever seen. Several people here at Lending Services have commented on it.” Lending Services Manager, National City Home Equity

“It has been a pleasure working with you on the AFP Conference. Your professionalism, organization and attention-to-detail have been a godsend to this project. Thank you, and I look forward to hopefully working with you again.”
Trade Show Consultant, National City Corp.

“Christina is creative and pays great attention to detail. She is both a team player and
team leader. She is professional and organized—able to juggle many projects and
deadlines simultaneously and stays focused (without appearing to get rattled).”

Former Supervisor and Group Publisher, Penton Media Inc.

“I’d like to congratulate you on this 2007 media planner that you created. This is the best piece that IndustryWeek has ever done, and I am sure it will help in my sales efforts.”
Midwest Sales Manager, IndustryWeek

Marketing Communications Testimonials “Just wanted to drop you a note to say what an absolutely terrific direct mail piece you put together. As one who enjoys a well executed marketing campaign, I applaud your efforts! You captured my contact information and e-mail address and made it fun. Besides that, you’ve got me running to get creative in place for that Value Chain issue. Hats off to you and your team!” Marketing Communications Project Director, QAD Inc.—An IndustryWeek Prospect

“I just wanted to let you know that the buzz around the water cooler is that this is the best marketing team IW has ever had. It's nice to know that we have people who care about IndustryWeek as a whole, and want to convey that message in the best possible light.”
Former Senior Editor, IndustryWeek

“Thanks very much. I appreciate all your help on this and all of the other events. I'm sorry your cost reductions this year will decrease the number of times you work with us, because it's always smooth and rewarding when you're a part of the process.”  Former SCTN & T&D Publisher, Penton Media Inc.

“I was very impressed with The Pentagon Corp. Annual Report. It looked so professional. I can not believe it was done in-house.” A Director of the Board, The Pentagon Corp.

Testimonials for Christina Thomas“Very nice... I have to say that is quite a face lift from the original brochure that Kathy created…about 900% to be exact.” Southern Sales Manager, The Pentagon Corp.

“I wanted to compliment you on your marketing for this trade show. How did you think up such creative ideas?” MK Technologies, A Competitor of The Pentagon Corp.

“I wish we would have thought of such wonderful marketing ideas for the PTC User Conference. We loved your booth and just couldn’t get enough of your promotions.” CAD Train Marketing Director, A Competitor of The Pentagon Corp.

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