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Systems Thinking
The Class Assignment
Maintain a journal about the Systems Management approach to organizations. Select concepts from the books The Fifth Discipline and Organization Theory & Design and apply them to your workplace and see what develops. Dialogue with yourself about the results of the situation. What inisghts can be obtained? How did others receive it? Take as many perceptual positions as possible.

The Class Deliverable: Journal Entries

Executive Summary

Entry 1: Who Done It? Searching for the Culprits of the Financial Crisis

Entry 2: The Laws of the Fifth Discipline

Entry 3: Part #1: System Analysis

Entry 4: Part #2: Plan to Cure the System

Entry 5: Building a Shared Vision and a Learning "Department" at National City

Entry 6: Learning to Work in a Mission Culture

Entry 7: Learning to Handle Conflict More Effectively

Entry 8: Personal Mastery Renewed By the Financial Crisis 
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