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Are You Smarter Than a CEO?
Written April 2009
Download the presentation as a .pdf.

The Class Assignment
Earn extra credit by leading classmates in an in-depth discussion about Navigating Business Through Turbulent Times. During the dialogue share with the class how your employer— National City—handled their tough times.

The Class Deliverable
A humorous, interactive PowerPoint presentation that kept the class engaged and talking for an hour and a half. The presentation was facilitated similar to the game show, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Only more fittingly this presentation was called, Are You Smarter Than a CEO? Click here to download the presentation as a .pdf.

The Game Show Rules

  • Trivia was sprinkled throughout the content. Each student received a question and, much like the real game show, was offered the opportunity to cheat with a CEO.
    • Peek: Students could peek at the CEO’s answer and either accept that answer or select another.
    • Copy: Students could outright copy the CEO’s answer, which eliminated the opportunity to select another answer.  
    • Save: Students who missed the question, could still be deemed "Smarter Than a CEO" if the class knew the correct answer.
  • Each student who answered their question correctly was deemed “Smarter Than a CEO” and was entered into a drawing to win one of three prizes.
In a nutshell, a student’s strategy would greatly depend on the question and the CEO’s experience with the topic of that question! For example, Mike's question above teamed him up with Edward Liddy, CEO of AIG. Would you want to peek or copy Mr. Liddy's answer for the question: Your company just received a multi-billion dollar government bailout. You should do what. . . ?

A. Treat your executives to a $440,000 retreat at the luxurious St. Regis resort.
B. Hunker down to revitalize the business. And when you do travel, do so frugally!
C. Take the corporate jet to the Super Bowl. (Of course, with important clients.)
D. Pay huge bonuses to staff in the division, which almost brought the company down.

Considering that Mr. Liddy hasn't used the best judgment in the past and would have undoubtedly chosen the wrong answers A and/or D, Mike opted to answer the question on his own, choosing the correct answer—letter B. Therefore, Mike was deemed "Smarter Than a CEO!"

As mentioned above, the overarching topic of the discussion was Navigating Business Through Turbulent Times, which included robust conversations about risk management, cost cutting, talent management, leading change, media during crisis and much more. Click here to download the presentation as a .pdf.

A great discussion guide for all. For help tailoring this idea to your next presentation, contact Christina.
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