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Executive Masters of Business Administration
Baldwin Wallace's (B-W) MBA in Executive Management (EMBA) is designed to meet the needs of today's busy executives.  Despite their significant professional and organizational experience, contemporary executives recognize the need for a broader and more formalized perspective with which to meet the economic, political, technological, and individual problems that increasingly affect the future of our economic and social enterprises.   

While they realize the value of special management seminars and other continuing education courses, many executives want the more integrated management development experience of a graduate degree program.  The central concept of  B-W's program is the general systems (cross-functional) approach which leads to systems management and strategic thinking. 

Today's executives need more than theory; they need to be skilled in a variety of areas:  problem solving, effective communication, finance operations, group dynamics, team leadership, human resources management, and international awareness.  And that is what students learn at B-W.  For over 20 years, B-W's MBA programs have featured the distinctive systems approach - rich in learning through field studies, class projects, and outstanding group discussion.

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