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Established a Strong Brand for IndustryWeek and The Pentagon Corp.

"Nice job on IW's Everything is Manufactured advertising campaign. The ads look so good I thought you hired an agency to create them."
Former Group Publisher, Penton Media Inc.

 IndustryWeek (IW)

 The Pentagon Corp. 

Managed the IW brand as a whole
and nine other product lines
Established and implemented the
company mission, vision, marketing
strategies and tactics
Created all IW advertisements, including
the national campaign, Everything is
Manufactured. This consisted of concept,
layout and placement
Designed all company and product
Served as the brand champion, ensuring
that all communications, including sales
collateral, promotions, e-mail blasts,
press releases, trade shows and events
appropriately showcased IW's value

Created a billion-dollar company
look through consistent branding
of presentations, brochures,
annual reports, promotions,
trade show booths and advertisements,
including the "What's Your Production IQ?"
promotional campaign

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